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The Lima’s family, known as Generoso, started their activities in the sector of coffee in 1890, placed in the State of Paraná. As agriculturist production and betterment of coffee, bean, corn e nowadays controlling agro-industrial company that makes instantaneous and organic solubre coffee, frezzing dry, cappuccino, long life milk, cheeses, yogurts, soft drinks, chocolate-coloured, coffee by vacuum and cushion, and so many others

These agro-industrial products still are important item of the national and international market

Most of the activities is related to “agribusiness” Companies involving production, process and delivery independents. The Companies are located in Santa Catarina, Paraná, São Paulo and with the central Office in Sorocaba - SP.

The Generoso Company develops its activities in the sector of Soluble coffee in 06/98 with the brand Generoso agglomerated Coffee, Generoso freezing dry coffee, Generoso Organic freezing dry coffee, Generoso Cappuccino, Canella, Traditional, Light, Coffee with milk Generoso and chocolate-colored.

The capacity of the plant to the freezing dry of the instantaneous coffee is 12.000 day.

The production of Soluble Coffee (spray/dried) is of 2.500 kg/hour where the most part of production is exported to Italy, Chile, Austrian, Germany, France, USA and Japan.