Cake Four Cheeses
Stuffed Potato
Cód of Tuna
Cod to the Fashion of the House
Paulista Couscous
Vegetable couscous
Couscous of Shrimp
Potato croquette
Croquette of Cod
Crocante of salame
Cream of Green Maize
Thighs of Pizza
Thighs of Mandioquinha
Thigh of Peru Baked with Grass
Rib with Borecole
Shells with Fig
Dry Meat Sertaneja
Spaghetti Al Mare
Empadinhas Suflê of Cheese
Spaghetti with Gravy of Ham and Olives
Noble Chicken
Crocante Chicken
Chicken with Green Maize
Fondue of Cheese
Fondue of Meat
Fogazza It fries
Fogazza of Cod
Filé Parmegiana of Frying-pan
Filé with Fine Grass
Farofa of Salame
Farofa with Watercress Stems
Lasanha of Tomatoe, Ricota and Rúcula
Lasanha of Ham to the Spinach Gravy
Lasanha of Chest of Peru and Brócolis
Lasanha of Fruits of the Sea
Lasanha of Chicken and Provolone
Lasanha of Chicken and Green Maize
Lasanha of Eggplant
Sliced Lizard
Medallion of Worn out Meat
Medallion with Purê of Apple
Mass for Turned pages
Cool Mass
Maminha in the Onion
Pasta of Summer
Pasta with Broccolis
Nests Stuffed to the Oven
Nhoque Surprise
Nhoque of Bread and Cheese
Nhoque of Maionese
Closed Pizza
Petit Gateau
Fished to the White Gravy
Pernil in the Champagne
Penne to the Gravy of Gongonzola
Penne to the Oven
Screw with Chicken to the Pumpkin Gravy
Screw with Broccolis and Garlic
Screw with Asparagi and Tomatoes
Bread of Torresmo
Hamburger bread
Potato bread with Dry Meat
Priest Ours in Small boat of Eggplant
Quiche of Tomatoe, Ham and Cheese
Quiche of Cassava
Rondelli de Batata with Dry Tomatoe
Rocambole of Atum
Mexican Risoto
Risoto of Calabresa
Risoles of Cheese
Ravioli To The Romanesca
Suflê of Cheese
Spaguetti the Carbonara
Soup of Carrot
Braid of Morangaa
Vegetable tortilla
Tortelloni with Gravy of Cheese
Pie for Snack
Delicious pie of Broccolis
Pie of Sardine
Pie of Ricota and Arroz
Pie of Escarola
Creamy pie of Shrimp
Pie of Eggplant
Pie of Cod
Pie of Creamy Abobrinha
Creamy pie of Palmito
Stuffed Tainha